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Tips for Staging Your Home on a Budget

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Getting the price your house deserves can be a challenge, but properly staging your home can help!  We can’t tell you how many times we are able to sell houses faster when the house is staged properly. We are lucky to have Wendy Hyatt on our real estate team. Not only is she a great real estate agent but she also has her own organizational business called Inside-Out, where she works with clients to help them stage their home and organize clutter. Wendy shares with us some of her go-to tips for staging your home on a budget.


1. Say Good Bye to Clutter:

The number one thing you can do to prepare your home for sale is to get rid of any clutter. Consider having  a yard sale or start packing personal items ahead of time.  Take a good look at what you have and see what you can pack, donate or toss.

2. Clean up the garage & basement

Potential buyers like to see all areas of a home look well kept and cared for.  Take this opportunity to finally clean out the basement and garage and present a clean efficient space.

3. A beautiful kitchen sells houses!

Clear off the kitchen counters. Take everything off the kitchen counters that you don’t use every day. Also, hide away dish soap and sponges (Buyers don’t want to think about washing dishes. They want to dream about entertaining in your gorgeous kitchen.) Add one pretty decorative item to the kitchen counters and you’re done. Take everything off the fridge. Personal photos, magnets, and sticky notes all should be cleared away. That includes anything that’s being stored on top of the fridge.

4. Put away the photo album:

Depersonalize your space. Your prospects will want to envision their own life there, not yours.


When it comes to selling your home, the overarching goal is to create a calm and lightly decorated canvas so that your future buyer can envision their items in your home. The best part is, it doesn’t take a ton of money to get your house in tip-top selling shape.


For more information or to have Wendy help you stage your home contact her today!


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